The Cremated Human Skeleton in a Small Carved Stone ash Chest from loc. Cretaiole (Pienza), Italy: Notes on the Origins of Chiusine Cremation Practises

Marshall Joseph Becker

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 59 - 1993

pp. 205-209


A. Rastrelli (1982: 367; see also 1985: 438-9) offers a commentary on «una tomba a camera ellenistica» recently discovered at loc. Cretaiole (Pienza) during an emergency excavation. Among thè tomb goods salvaged is a cinerary chest «in pietra fetida con cassa a theca» (Rastrelli 1985: 438) which Rastrelli (1933: 130) suggests is prototypic of Chiusine urns in generai. Therefore, thè cremated human skeletal remains inside this chest may teli us something regarding the origins or development of mortuary customs of thè people in this area. […]