The Cazzanello Perinatal Cemetery: continuities of etruscan mortuary practices into the late antique period and beyond

Marshall Joseph Becker

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 70 - 2004

pp. 255-267

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In early September of 1992 excavations by a Japanese team directed by Prof. Masanori Aoyagi (Institute for the Study of Cultural Exchange, University of Tokyo) focused on the Villa Romana at Cazzanello (hereafter VRC), located a dozen kilometers to the northwest of Tarquinia, Italy. Ancient Tarquinia was perhaps the principal city of ancient South Etruria, an area that was Romanized at an early date. The site now is known for its interesting mosaics (Aoyagi - Foschi 1996), but the infant cemetery provides interesting data on cultural continuities in this region. […]

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