Some comment on the Tabula Capuana

L. Bouke Meer (van der)

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 77 - 2014

pp. 149-175, Tavv. 2


In 1995 Mauro Cristofani published his famous monograph on the so-called terracotta Tile of Capua (henceforth: TC) which was found in 1898. It contains the longest Etruscan inscribed text (tav. XXIX, Vatican copy). The TC was found in ‘località’ Quattordici Ponti, a necropolis area to the southwest of Capua. It is dated to ca. 470 BC. Cristofani suggests that its inscription was copied from an older text dating from shortly before 504 BC, the year in which Aristodemos became tyrant of Cumae. He was killed in 490 BC. Words like laχuθ; and laχθ; (in line 25), in non-syncopated and syncopated form, may point to copying. [...]

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