La nascita della scrittura nell’Etruria settentrionale. Una nota

Adriano Maggiani

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 80 - 2017

pp. 133-147, Figg. 3, Tav. 1

DOI: 10.26406/StEtr80-008


This paper briefly discusses the issue of the introduction of writing and of the stabilization of orthographic rules regarding the transcription of the velar consonant, /k/, and of the sibilants in northern Etruria. A recent hypothesis attributes the impulse to create precise rules of phonetic transcription in this same region to the southern writing school of the bucchero sottile kyathoi. On the contrary, the author claims that the writing system was already constituted in the second quarter of the seventh century BC, before the new type reached the north of Etruria by means of the kyathoi.

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