Etruscan objects in the North Pontic Area and the ways of their penetration

Michail Ju. Treister

pp. 71-79, Figg. 2, Tavv. 9


As it has just been noticed, the problem of Etruscan objects found in the Northern coast of Pontus was not stated till recently. Only in 1970-s there were singled out a small group of the Vth century B.C. bronze vessels and five IVth-IIIrd century B.C. scarabeoids of Etruscan manufacture which come from the North Black Sea area. At the same time A. I. Kharsekin published the only one narrative Etruscan artefact, found in the territory of the USSR, the name of Etruscan goddess Tanr on the alabastre from Pantikapaion. […]

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