Etruscan Inscriptions on Fragments of Bucchero Kyathoi Recovered at Poggio Civitate

Rex Wallace

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 72 - 2006

pp. 189-197

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The number of inscriptions recovered thus far from thè Etruscan site of Poggio Civitate (Murlo, Siena) is 19. To these scant materials may be added an array of letters incised on pottery and on terracotta pan and cover tiles. Two pieces stand out among thè inscribed objects in this inventory: thè remains of conical bases of two bucchero ky athoi (excavation catalogue nos. 1997-126 and 1997-127). Pieces of thè kyathoi were recovered from thè south flank of ‘Piano del Tesoro’ during excavation of thè so-called Tripartite Building in June/July of thè 1997 summer excavation season. […]

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