Etruscan Fish-Plates: an Update

Mario A. Del Chiaro

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 58 - 1992

pp. 145-148, Tavv. 3


During a realtively recent visit to the re-installed rooms of the Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome, I noted for the first time a small, seemingly stemless red- figured plate decorated with marine life, which instantly struck me as a product of a Caeretan vase-painter whose work I had recognized on three stemmed fish plates studied and published some decades ago. My delight in having «discovered» this fish piate, which must have escaped my earlier attention due to its then poor display, was rather diminished when I realized upon consultation of I. McPhee and A.D. Trendall, Greek Red-figured Fish-plates 1987; henceforth McPhee and Trendall that the plate had been already noted and entered – without illustration – in Appendix 4, p. 149, E4. […]