A Bronze Situla from Tomb 128, Valle Trebba: Chemical Evidence of Resinated Wine at Spina

W. Beck Curt;Eric Hostetter;Douglas R. Stewart

Contenuto in: Studi Etruschi 59 - 1993

pp. 211-225

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Among the banqueting bronzes recovered in Tomb 128 of the Valle Trebba necropolis at Spina were two matching situlae, one of which (inv. 2323) preserves a rather amorphous mass of organic residue in the botton. The inhumation tomb, probably of a male, was marked by a concentration of «pietrame informe saldamente cementato» and the skeleton, disposed E/W on a platform of oaken planks, lay c. 1.60 m. below the surface. According to the field notes and sketches of Francesco Proni, the funerary objects – Attic vases, Italie pottery, bronzes of various types including an impressive wine Service, silver fibulae, and diverse iron, alabaster and wax objects – were disposed along both sides of the deceased, with thè two situlae to the left of his feet. […]